Deciding on a design spec tool

After trying out a few different tools I have concluded that my preference is Figma.

Before switching over to Figma as a design tool, I was accustom to using Illustrator. It took me a while to learn how to use Illustrator but it soon became my go-to. At the beginning of my journey at Design Lab, I would always open Illustrator when I began a new project. There was a point in time where I came to the conclusion that I was going to have to broaden my design horizons.

I realized that it was important for me to learn to use a tool that others in the UX/UI industry are familiar with. During my search for what program to use, I keep a few things in mind. One requirement for the program that I was looking for was that it was a little similar to Illustrator. I wanted to find a tool that I could learn quickly.

Another requirement was that the tool had to be available online. I felt that this would be important because I knew that I would eventually be working in a team. When working with a team it would be best to be able to work off the same program and see changes in real-time.

I kept in mind what other departments I would eventually be working with. I knew that as a designer I would be working with other designers, a product manager, and engineers. I am lucky to know an engineer who is now a product manager who works with designers. I was able to ask him a few questions about how the hand-off process works.

I was informed of a few key points about the hand-off process. One point is that it is important to keep things somewhat neat and understandable. Next, is that it is important to create a clear flow. Third, it is helpful to display the intended interactions and transitions by creating prototypes. Also, leaving comments on the file is always helpful. All these key points are accessible through figma.

With Figma, I could create designs, prototypes, and hand off my work to other designers, engineers, and product managers. Figma has an option labeled inspect where engineers get access to the properties, typography, color, and code for the design. In the end, Figma is definitely the tool for me.